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Home Grown - Series One - 2022
(broadcast on RTÉ Television)

Scéal Creative brings you a brand-new, first series of "Home Grown" a celebration of Irish Horticulture which aired on RTÉ television in 2022

In "Home Grown", presenters Kitty Scully and Colm O'Driscoll get on the road and travel all over Ireland in search of stories that celebrate Irish Horticulture and growing. Whether it's a trip to Croke Park after an Ed Sheeran concert to inspect the pitch or a visit to Tralee to see cut foliage that ends up in the high-end florists of London, there are plenty of stories to see and tell all over the island of Ireland.

Food Matters - Series One - 2023
(broadcast on RTÉ Television)

Scéal Creative brings you our second six-part documentary TV series "Food Matters" presented by GIY Founder Mick Kelly. 

The series will uncover Ireland's food sustainability and how the food system is a major contributor to the climate change emergency, but the choices we make each day about food can be some of the most useful pieces of climate action we can take.

Throughout the series, Mick Kelly travels across Ireland to meet with farmers, food producers, climate experts, chefs, economists, ecologists and activists as he digs deep to uncover the complexity of the Irish food system, how it works, how it delivers and how it impacts the environment.

Neven's Christmas in Adare - 2023
(broadcast on RTÉ Television)

Neven Maguire brings his popular Christmas specials from the heart of Co. Limerick this year, as he cooks easy and festive dishes in the world-renowned Adare Manor.

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a beginner in the kitchen, Neven’s clear instructions and tips will help you recreate his delicious recipes.

How To Cook Well At Christmas - 2023
(broadcast on RTÉ Television)

Rory O’Connell returns with two more of his popular Christmas specials, offering viewers clear instructions and helpful hints, as he shares his Christmas entertaining recipes, making festive cooking an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Rory’s passion for cooking and his commitment to sharing his 40 years of cookery expertise, shine through in both episodes, as with his warm and engaging personality, he welcomes viewers into his own kitchen in East Cork:

Home Grown - Series Two - 2024
(broadcast on RTÉ Television)

Home Grown returns to RTÉ One this Spring with a second run of the popular seven part series celebrating Irish horticulture.

Home Grown series 2 sees Kitty and Colm meeting people involved in greening public spaces, growing exotic mushrooms, community gardening initiatives, outdoor salad leaf production, restoring historic gardens and learning how bees play a vital and integral role in large scale fruit production.

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